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    Comparison Between Our Automatic Seed Counter Machine and Other Brands

    Date:2017-10-17 09:46:21 Writer:

    Comparison Between Our Automatic Seed Counter Machine and Other Brands:

    1. Our automatic seed counter machine adopts far infrared region sensor, world-first, which can avoid outside light disturbing, and ensure seeds counting accuracy. It adopts region photoelectric sensor, which can enlarge lighting area, and avoid seeds blocking and splashing.

    2. It adopts automatic speed transfer between high and low speed, setting freely, which solves the contradictions between high speed and accuracy. This technology is only applied in our seed counters and ones from Japan and Germany.

    3. Our automatic seed counter machine has the receiving tray with 10 cups, automatic cups replacing, stepless speed regulation, manual/automatic transfer, inching and automatic pinpointing.

    4. Automatic feeding for unloader, to avoid continuous manual feeding, stepless speed regulation for unloading speed.

    5. Large caliber vibrating disk, to avoid changing different orbit of vibrating disk for different crops.

    6. High counting speed, which is higher than the counters of USA, Germany and France.

    7. High counting accuracy, which is higher than the counters of USA, Germany and France.

    8. Low noise. Noise is far lower than that of USA. It can be comparable with Japan counters.

    9. Our counters are outstanding at a competitive price(Japan counters: about $18,181; German counters: about $14,848; USA counters: about $12,878).

    10. Compared with other Chinese brand counters:
    1) Usually you can see 3/1000 counting error labeled on the Chinese counters, but their error can reach 20/1000—100/1000. And most of them have no stock pan or unloader, while our counters’ counting error is 0 and have both stock pan and blanking machine.
    2) The normal Chinese counters weight is only 4kg, but ours is 42kg.
    3) Performance: normal domestic counters can work continuously for 5 hours, and even overheating less than 5 hours, while our Our automatic seed counter machines have higher safe design standard and can ensure long time working.

    11. Our automatic seed counter machines service life: 20 years, which can be comparable with the counters of Japan.

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